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My IPD is 56.2. Will I have problems with an Oculus Quest 2?

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Level 2

Also, what I read says 95% of adult IPDs range from 53mm-70mm. The oculus quest site lies saying 95% of adults is 56mm-70mm. It seems really stupid. That's of adults. What about the teenagers that want to use it? Their IPD ranges are excluding a huge percentage of the population. 

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@LooCfur wrote:

This makes it sound like it only goes down to 58mm.

Unlike the Rift CV1 and Quest 1 (which have analog sliders), the Quest 2 IPD has only 3 positions: 58mm, 63mm and 68mm. With a slider you want a good range, but when the values are fixed to just three, it's best to not have extreme values either end where few people are.


For some people, incorrect IPD might be a problem. For others, it's not. The Rift-S and Go are fixed 63mm (no physical adjustment). I'm about 69mm and I can use them both fine, although I prefer CV1 or Quest 2's larger values.


There's an interesting paper on IPD ranges based on age, gender and race here:


Some other headsets:

  • HP Reverb G2 - 60 to 68
  • Rift CV1 - 58 to 71
  • Quest 1 - 56 to 70
  • Vive - 61 to 72
  • Index - 58 to 70
  • Odyssey Plus - 60 to 72
  • Acer WMR - 59 to 67
  • PSVR - 58 to 70
  • Cosmos - 61 to 73

Although that's just a quick search, I haven't checked which of those are software based and which have real hardware IPD adjustment. (Rift CV1, Quest 1 and Reverb G2 are hardware IPD, I have them)

So the Quest 2 only going down to 58mm isn't that bad when compared to most other headsets.

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So do you think my IPD of 56.2mm is going to be a problem when using the quest 2?  My eyes might be a bit close together, but even your link says that adults tend to range from 50mm to 75mm. It seems like the people making VR are excluding a whole lot of people. Especially kids/teenagers, who would probably be most interested.  Worse, the kids/teens may not realize why VR doesn't work well for them, and develop a negative  bias for VR In general. 

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@LooCfur  If you’re close on ipd limits buy from Amazon so it’s easy to return for a refund if it does not work for you.

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