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My oculus quest 2 wont load any games, apps, or the support page.

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I have 2 oculus quest 2's that i manage for me and my younger siblings. During around a week after Christmas, one of the headsets did not want to turn on completely. The fan kept on running, we tried turning it on many times and tried to charge it. Nothing happened until about a couple days later where i held the power button as long as possible and it magically turned on. Fast forward a couple months something mysteriously happens to my headset. Nothing will ever load, it wont connect to anything until i realized the date was randomly set to 2037. I had to use a third party program to change the year to the correct one and i had no problems ever since. Recently it started to randomly turn off, i thought nothing of it and i played like normal. at this point, i haven't  mentioned something that i think it could be important. I have my main account for both of the oculus', normal profile, i had bought games, ect. I had made another account during march so my little sisters could play together on their games. The oculus that had these problems had my main account and the perfectly fine one had the other one for my little sisters.  A couple weeks into April. the oculus that had all the problems previously wont load anything. It was connected to the wifi, the date was correct, nothing too suspicious. its just the fact that my apps, the browser, and anything else did not load. The library was empty, the controllers would not connect and I  had to use hand tracking. I finally got everything to load and i had to manually pair the controllers through the oculus mobile app. My sisters had a happy ever after until the date of this post. The same problem happened to the same oculus. Im now extremely frustrated and i do not know what to do know since my past solutions will not work. I am stuck, and unsure what to do, i do have a warranty from best buy, i might just get a new one or maybe switch to other virtual reality/ vr headset competitors. Please help me out!


Community Manager
Community Manager

Oh man! The last thing we want is for our Meta Family to not have an enjoyable experience. Let's get your headset and account back up running properly as soon as possible, please submit a support ticket as one of our experts will be glad to look into this further and help guide you towards a possible solution.