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New Oculus Quest 2 + broken store/system = unusable gift

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I've been having problems since Tuesday afternoon, this outage will reach 72 hours long this afternoon.  It's still bricked; not only can I not buy/download games or videos, but I can't search anything, edit profile/avatar, or really do... anything.  All I can do is look at the non-functioning menu. I've tried to purchase dozens of different games, free games, tv apps, everything, and the response is always the same; "Oops, something went wrong".

I've worked with your support team, made a couple tickets, and they've verified my accounts and serial number on my Oculus Quest 2 and everything is 'in working order' on that front.  So, it's just the store/server connection apparently?  Yes, I've rebooted it, changed wifis, rebooted again, and again, and still nothing.  Is this outage region based?  Why would some people get all, or partial, functionality in the store/system while others get absolutely zero functionality? Can you help make me the proud owner of an Oculus 2 Quest rather than a very expensive paperweight?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there! We know how you are feeling right now. Dealing with outages is never fun especially when it majorly limits the functionality of your device when all you want to do is play some awesome games. We do, fortunately, have a resolution to the server outage that happened a couple days ago. We are working on rolling it out to all of our users. We promise we are trying to get everybody back in VR as quickly as we can. Please keep an eye out on our social media accounts as we try and keep everyone updated as we progress. Thank you so much for sticking with us and being patient through this! 🙂

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