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Hi everyone. I just got a Quest 2 as a present from my wife. I have unboxed it and went through the set up and even bought a few games to try out. Onward is a lot of fun and will take some to get used to playing. Anyways the one game I would like to play above all others is VTOL VR. I know that it is on Steam. I have a steam account on my computer.


My question is what is the easiest way to play this game with my Quest 2? I am still new to the VR space and could use the extra help. if there are accessories or programs or both that I need could someone help. Is the setup easy? Should I bother trying to connect with steam VR and just play the games within the Quest 2 library? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


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Install the oculus app on PC if you've not already done. Then just link the Quest to PC to use it as a Rift.

Then you can start steam vr. After once done you can start steam every time from your Rift library (not Quest).

That is how I have done it there might be other solutions too.

Do I need a computer that can run the games or will the Quest 2 act as the "computer" and I just have to make sure that they are connected, either USB C cable or air link?

No, your computer has to be vr ready and able to run the game.

I think that's the only option to play PC games with the Quest.