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Not getting OnPointerEnter event on Button using OVR Raycaster with Laser pointer

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  • Oculus Quest
  • Unity 2020.3
  • Oculus VR Integration
  • i5 8th gen


I have a Unity scene with a VR interface composed by a Canvas (World Space coordinates) and two buttons. The canvas has attached an OVR Raycaster objects which uses a laser pointer. 


The strange thing is that both OnPointerEnter and OnPointerClick get called when I point the button with the laser and click. Just hovering the doesn't trigger any event (nor OnPointerExit or OnPointerEnter).


anyone got the same problem?



Honored Guest

Is is the same problem as this one?


I followed the directions posted there, and it starts to solve the problem.

You have to add this code inside the OVRInputModule class, in OVRInputModule.cs:

        protected override void ProcessMove(PointerEventData pointerEvent)
            var targetGO = pointerEvent.pointerCurrentRaycast.gameObject;
            HandlePointerExitAndEnter(pointerEvent, targetGO);

It does not completely solve my problems with the pointer running on Oculus Quest, but it is a step in the right direction.