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Oculus App Update issues

Honored Guest

My Oculus App downloaded an update today 2/March/2021.

Now it will not function.

Comes up in the headset with an orange light but shows three flashing dots.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the oculus app which works perfectly until the latest update is installed.




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same exact problem. Had to go back to the previous version. Hope they fix this. It was working perfectly before this.


Same here.

How get holder version and fix?

This just happened to me today as well. How do I roll back to a previous version


I can't get back either, when I came home it already loaded the "new and improved" version.  :-(!!


Put in a message to oculus help desk too.

I put in a support ticket as well

Expert Protege

Placed support ticket, can you all confirm the red light is on and see 3 dot?

Removing USB 3 driver on windows, restart bring me white led, until windows download driver. After downloading red light...

So pretty strange, previous version worked like a charm.

It seems USB 3 issue. I bought new hub, when I try I post update there.

Same Problem.....


Same problem for me too.

@markc230 - how did you roll back to the previous version?

I was able to roll back until I came home from work and I didn't turn off computer and it had already updated by itself and when I deleted the updated version and HAL reinstalled oculus it looks like it was the "new and improved" version without the need for an update😫