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Oculus Causes Massive Audio Issues

Honored Guest
So I got my Oculus Rift (CV1) a few days ago and the first day I plugged it in, at one point my sound would just completely stop working on my computer save for a half-second where it would play a snippet of what my sound would have been at that moment (and this happens every couple seconds).  This would persist for a long while, upwards of 30 minutes where I'd be able to hear absolutely nothing.  My sound output would work fine though.  I thought this might just be an issue with something else, but I realized the other night that while these audio issues were happening, my Oculus audio was working just fine.  Has anyone else had experience with issues like this? or is it some kind of compatibility issue I don't know about? This happens frequently enough that it has happened at least once every day since I first started using the Rift.