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Oculus (FB) Sucks but We All Know That

Level 4

Wth is up with this company? Can they not figure out Windows 10 and USB ports? I have owned three seperate Oculus headsets now, and every single one of them has USB disconnect issues. I cant get my Rift S to ever have a solid connection, and now I have a new Quest 2 and it is telling me my USB3 they sent me is really a USB 2 and I should "get a USB 3 for better performance". Why did Oculus send me a USB2 cord and they are calling it a USB 3 cord? I cant even use this Quest 2 that I heard so much about. When I did get it briefly to work, the stenciling in DCS was terrible. The framerates sucked. I know better than to even try using it with MSFS2020. I am selling this huge POS Quest 2 and going back to my lesser POS Rift S. FIGURE OUT USB PORTS YOU MORONS!


Level 14

Maybe its your computer setup.  The quest 2 works fantastic with my system link or airlink i have not had disconnect issues, longest play session was 2 hours link 4 hours air-link.