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Oculus GO : A warming : Headset is overheat

I bought Go on April .2020 , Every time After I play it about 25 mins, the headset will appear a warming, say my Go is overheat , and suggest me to shut down for a while.
I want to know " Is the warming is normal foe Go? " It's always confusing to me when I watch a movie. Is there any way to resolve it ? 

Do you have any sort of vinyl wrap or decal on the front of the headset? That aluminum front plate is part of the passive cooling of the Go, and if it’s covered, it won’t emit heat effectively. I’ve seen people have overheating problems because they never peeled off the protective film that is part of the original packaging. 

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I've found that my Go only overheats if I use an external battery pack (or connected to the wall charger) and start off with the Go's internal battery at less than ~60-70% charged.  In this case it seems to me that the external battery pack (or charger) is trying to charge the internal battery at the same time and this seems to cause some stress (heat). 

If I start off at with the Go internal battery fully charged this never happens.  The Go will get pretty warm, but not hot, and I've never got a warning.

The other thing that can cause the Go to overheat it to let it's internal battery level fall below ~30%.  Once Li-ion batteries get below ~30% they start to generate more heat.  So, try to avoid letting your Go battery fall lower than ~30%.

Anyway, hope this helps.  If you continue to get this overheating warning I suggest you start a ticket with Oculus Support.
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Thanks a lot.

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I have used removable vinyl with dotted mesh type design, it never heat till date