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Oculus Link on Mac M1 Macbook Pro

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I recently got a new 16gb M1 Chip MacBook Pro 2020. And I would like to use it to play games on my Oculus Quest 2 through steam. I have steam VR downloaded, but I can't seem to find the Oculus link app available for mac. Please let me know how I play Steam VR with my MacBook, thanks to anyone who can help!



I believe that Oculus App (which you need to use Oculus Link) is only available for Windows OS.

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Even if you find a way around compatibility issues, I don’t think that computer has a gaming GPU. Macs are notoriously awful for gaming, and VR is VERY demanding for gaming. 

Actually, the M1 Macs did a pretty big spike back up with gaming by moving to the M1 chip. Most games that did somewhat run on older Intel Macs actually run great on the M1 ARM CPU.
Even on the M1 Macbook Pro.


I have heard of people using Parallels running windows and running steam. And I've used the link cable to transfer files to/from macbook using the Android file program. But all the references i've found have pointed to "no" because of incompatible graphics


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Yeah, transferring files isn’t really relevant to a game performing properly. In theory you can use boot camp to run windows on your Mac. But at that point you’re dealing with 1: Boot camp on your mac is way worse than natively running Windows on a PC, 2: The Quest already runs your computer harder than a PCVR set that doesn’t use a USB cable. So you have a Mac GPU, then those two factors...


Definitely try it out, but I wouldn’t sink money into anything with those unpromising variables. 

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try using crossover 

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Did crossover work?


What is the latest on this? 

Such a huge potential Audience is unlocked when Quest II can work with Mac M1 Laptops! 

Does anybody, on any corner of the internet, have some proof that a high-quality VR app running off M1 Mac can be accessed smoothly on Quest II?   

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Unfortunately, look to Apple for why they're so hard to work with for gaming, not oculus. The M1 Chip is good for an integrated card, but at best it compares to a mid 1000 series Nvidia. It's not a gaming card. I think you're severely underestimating the power needed for VR.


At best I'm finding people saying they can use the newest Mac mini to play games like Tomb Raider at 1080p, graphic settings on low,  40 FPS and FPS drops when there's much action. That's nowhere near good enough for VR. 


The card isn't strong enough and Apple doesn't play well with others. There's nothing developers can do about that. Apple products aren't good for gaming.