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Oculus Quest 2 Right Touch Controller

Honored Guest

We purchased an oculus quest 2 for my son last Christmas. He just started having an issue today with the right touch controller connecting/disconnecting. He said the only thing that works is holding down the oculus button to reset the viewpoint. He can’t bring up the oculus menu with that same button.  None of the other buttons work.   

We’ve replaced batteries. Oculus shows batteries at 60%. Controller sometimes will vibrate as it connects and disconnects - not always.  Controller sometimes connects for a few seconds but never long enough to do anything. Left controller shows up in vr but right controller never shows up. 

He has unpaired the controller and repaired with no luck. We’ve tried another battery/brand and kept it out for more than 5 minutes - still no luck. He’s also rebooted the console many times. 

Any other thoughts?  


Honored Guest

We just did a system reset. That didn’t fix either. Now he can’t get it set back up because the right controller still doesn’t work. 

Hey there @ITGuy80, we hate to hear you're having these issues with your controller! It sounds like you've already tried most of our go-to troubleshooting steps for controllers. What we'd suggest now is reaching out to our support team here, so our team can help look into what options we have to get you back in the game!

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