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Oculus Quest 2 won’t stay connected to internet straight out of the box

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5GHz WiFi disconnects repeatedly and prevents me from downloading any of my purchases. My WiFi connection is excellent and even when I am standing next to my modem, it connects and disconnects every 1-2 minutes. After purchasing a game for $40, it won’t download or even show me any download progress. Can somebody please help me understand and fix this issue? My girlfriend just bought me this for my birthday and I can’t get it to stay connected to the internet long enough to use the device


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It looks like they are having some issue with the Oculus Store, there are a few posts about downloading new games. You just have really unlucky timing.


As Hienna said, there seems to be an issue with the store right now. Or servers in general, as I couldn't get a Cloud Sync game to sync starting very late last night. Hopefully they get it fixed soon. 


The wifi issue, though, seems to be hit or miss and dependent on the latest update to the firmware. Version 30 seems to have destabilized the wifi connectivity a bit, unfortunately.