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Oculus Quest order on hold.

Honored Guest
When oculus tried completing the transaction for my Oculus Quest order my bank blocked the order seeing it as potential fraud.
After clearing up the case with my bank everything should now be ok. In the email sent by Oculus, I was instructed to make sure the payment info is correct and make sure to have it updated. However, when I try to resubmit my credit card details it throws back an error in trying to update my payment method. 

Will Oculus try to automatically re-send the transaction through to my card now or am I actually required to resubmit my card details for the transaction to trigger again?
Sorry for a noobish question, just a rookie when it comes to such matters.


Community Manager
Community Manager
Hey @TheFluffySquad, I'm sorry to hear you're having issues with your order. If you're having issues resubmitting the credit card details, please contact support here so we can help you out. If you're not able to update the details then the hold won't be removed so the transaction won't go through automatically. Thanks! -Rick
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Honored Guest

Honored Guest
I had to order my quest about two times. The first time it was on hold for  5 weeks. I ordered it again with an account. It was Processing shipping the. Went back on hold. I’m just wondering is it on its way. Cuz I do t want to wait five more weeks.

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Its been around 3 weeks since I ordered a rift s and it still hasn’t came yet am seriously starting to think that you guys don’t have the rift s and are just putting it on hold till you make more

Honored Guest
Should I re-order the Quest then, but with an Account?