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Oculus Remote Desktop not connecting for Horizons Workrooms


I have got Horizons Workspace working fine on my Quest 2.


And I also managed to get the Oculus Remote Desktop to work on my laptop so that I can see it's screen at my virtual desk.


However, I cannot do the same for my actual desk PC. Oculus Remote Desktop runs and logs in just fine, but it does not find the headset and the headset does not find it.


All the devices on are on the same network. My desk PC is high spec and has been working with Air Link just fine.


I also made sure that Air Link and (the third party) Virtual Desktop were not running so as not to confuse things.


Any ideas?


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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi everyone! I wanted to let you know that the team is looking into this issue around some trouble with Remote Desktop not working right for Horizon Workrooms. I don't have a set timeline to share right now on a resolution, but the team is aware, investigating, and working on a resolution.


I'll let you know if there's any steps we need to have tested out or if you need to do anything on your end. 


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I'm seeing the same thing, except I can get it to connect on my laptop.  I've made sure remote desktop and server are enabled in my fire wall as well.  In my case the headset shows up and even shows that it's connecting but then fails to share my desktop in headset...





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I have the same problem. Tried following instructions but never works.


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I have a Mac mini I5 (2011)....same problem.




Same problem here!


Me too, the remote desktop app on the PC just says "NO AVAILABLE DEVICES."

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Same here - running an M1 MBP and even though the keyboard will track, the remote desktop will not. 



It would great to know any information at all about how it works, so we could try to troubleshoot - like, what network ports does it use, which side listens and which side initiates the connection, etc.

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The same for me. I open on my Mac pro the oculus remote app, next step is "continue with workrooms" and I get logged in on the app. Now it says that:

No available devices / Open Workrooms on your headset to connect.

In the header section when I click on the Oculus logo it says: Remote Desktop: READY


I don't know any further


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I had to re-install Oculus Remote Desktop on my computer and then it could see my headset. Pretty annoying if you have to do that every time.