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Oculus Rift S Black screen

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I haven't used my oculus rift s in a while, thought it has always been plugged into my pc. 

My device will not show anything at all in the displays, only black screens. I can run games/programs and watch it from the window that is open on the pc monitor. Everything else seems to work fine, the tracking, controllers, head turning works fine. However the screen are just black in the oculus device.


The device installs fine and is all green in Oculus/device menu. The software and device doesn't have a clue it's screens are not working.


- I tried updating windows and gpu drivers to newest.

- I tried updating and installing all C++ packages.

- I tried updating all USB gates in device manager and updating powersettings on the usb's to not turn off.

- I tried reinstalling oculus software and switching display and usb ports around alot of times. I also tried removing everything else than the oculus from the ports.

- I tried completely uninstalling oculus and deleting program files folder and everything oculus related in appdata folder.

- I tried following the guide here:

- I tried running the Oculus/Support/oculus-drivers/oculus-driver.exe file.

- I tried running the device on my laptop but there I had another issue, that would not register the display port was plugged in from the docking station. That would be a whole other issue.


I dont know if its relevant but my computer is a

5950 ryzen

3080ti msi 

Motherboard msi

64gb ram




Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello Domux,


We understand that you are having display issues with your Oculus Rift S.


Also thank you for clarifying the issue up to this point as well as providing the troubleshooting steps you have taking up to this point.


Just for further clarification, can you provide us with what operating system your PC is currently using?


Do note: If your PC is currently using Windows 11 this may be the reason you are experiencing technical issues, as Oculus currently does not support Windows 11.


We look forward to your reply back so we can resolve this issue together.


Thank you. 

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Thanks for your reply.


My windows version is:

Edition Windows 10 Pro
Version 21H2
OS build 19044.1503
Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.4170.0


I have today further tried

- Manually downloading NVIDIA drivers and done a complete reinstall of drivers and reset of profile

- I have tried creating an Airlink with my Oculus Quest 2 and it works fine.

Thank you for your reply back.


Also, thank you for clarifying the issue at hand.


Based off of the information you have provided us this far, it appears this issue may need some advance troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue.


We would ask that you submit a Support Ticket with Oculus Support, there an agent can look through your computer's logs and have a better understanding where the issue may be.


To do so, please feel free to use the link provided below to submit the support ticket.


Thank you for working with us on this issue, we look forward to your reply! 

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Thank you, I will try to do this.

Ciao, come hai risolto il tuo problema?

Salve, il nostro team di supporto italiano non è disponibile al momento. Tuttavia, saremo lieti di assistere in lingua inglese, se lo desiderate. In alternativa, lasceremo un messaggio al nostro agente che si metterà in contatto con voi.