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Oculus Rift glitching out like crazy!

Okay so I understand that this is probably user error but I just want to understand what I'm doing incorrectly. I've set up my sensors as shown during that thing you do when you first connect all required things to your PC. Here's the issue... when I'm in any game (even the Oculus Home thing) my headset will randomly glitch and I won't be seeing the world from the angle I'm supposed to, I'll be glitching around. A great example of this is when I was playing Arizona Sunshine, I was at the point early on in the game when you come across loads of cars and I went to see what was in the case of the bonnet (hood) of the cop car and my headset kept glitching around flipping to the other side of the cop car and back. It made me feel quite dizzy and unsteady xD. When I did glitch to the other side of the cop car I could see my virtual hands where they should be it seems to be only the headset causing the issue. Could someone please help me fix this? Any suggestions would be much appreciated.