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Oculus app stuck on health and safety video

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I'm hoping someone can help me out with this,

So today I just picked up an Oculus rift s and during setup i ran into a problem, I am stuck in the Health and safety video screen and there is no way that i can get out of it, I doesn't give me the option to play it or exit out of the video and its just stuck there on that screen, even if i close the app and reopen it it just shows up to that screen and i cant do anything, I've tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it but every time it just shows back up to that screen and I just don't know what else to do anymore


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Here's a picture of that screen

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I'm stuck on the same screen, uninstalled and reinstalled software but still stuck. Did you find a solution?



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Having this exact same problem. Can not start the video, and if I close the app and restart it re-opens on the same screen, restarting the PC also has no effect.

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I uninstalled software, then deleted all Oculus folders in users/username/App Data/local and roaming, then reinstalled software.

App Data is a hidden folder.

I was working with a fresh install so I'm not sure how this will affect any installed games.

Hope this helps.

I had exact same issue.  Following gp66 instructions (actually I did a search for "Oculus" and deleted EVERYTHING after windows un-install) I was able to re-install the Oculus software and NOT get stuck on the health & Safety video screen.  FYI, I GOT to that screen by trying to toggle "Health & Safety".  Not sure if that's what everyone above did, but leave that setting alone!