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Oculus link quits me to oculus home after 15-20 minutes

I started using oculus link to play different steam games and it was very fun, however when I decided to play half life alyx every 15-20 minutes I would be quit out of oculus link and back to oculus home.

It only happens on half life alyx so I'm wondering if it's a hardware thing or if half life alyx doesn't work on oculus link 


Retired Support

Great question! If Half-Life - Alyx is the only game doing this, then I'd recommend double-checking the system requirements of the game versus what's in your PC. Games will have their own requirements and you may have to decrease graphics settings in Link/the game itself to get it to run properly. Else, I'd say uninstall and reinstall the game and see if that helps matters. Hope this helps!

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