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Oculus quest 2 graphical glitches (standalone and with link)

Level 3


Sometimes while using the VR headset it goes to pass-through mode, then soon after goes to sleep. When I press the power button, what happens will vary. Sometimes, it does it again. Sometimes, if I clean the cameras it may work fine. Sometimes, nothing happens. Sometimes, it will display some noise/snow every few seconds, where the display then turns off (no backlight) but the UI works (makes sound). Rebooting fixes it.

With Oculus link: it starts to drop frames, and it looks jiggly in a sort of way, like screen tearing but in only a few spots.

Also, the connection may start to get more unstable in that after some time the connection disconnects. Rebooting the quest and my PC fixes it for some time. My guess is that it's memory leaks. I use the official Oculus cable, and it is in good condition. I got the headset and cable 4 days ago on December 25th 


I should also add that in the case of the passthrough glitch happening again, I can hold the power button and will get a menu. However, the controllers do not work, so I have to hold the power button until it shuts down (thank you for the feature of being able to shut down by holding down the power button instead of hard resetting if the power button is held down!). Another thing is that my PC is the Acer AN515-54, the version I have has an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060. I saw similar issues relating to the mobile versions of the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 10xx series graphics cards


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey Mac,


Thank you for providing those in depth details of the issue at hand.


Based off of the details you have provided, it appears we might need to look at your computer's logs to figure out an overall solution.


I would ask if you can submit a support ticket so we can get troubleshooting asap.


You can do so with this link here:


Look forward to hearing from you!