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Oculus rift s windows 11 what a joke

Honored Guest

this is to Facebook .

I bought an oculus rift s i had a CV1 andf it all worked well untill i installed windows 11.

now when i installed the software tio get my oculus up and running i cant as it keeps saying my display port is unplugged then it says its connected its bloody stupid.

i even changed my GFX card over to try that and i get same crap i installed my 2080TI into my kids alienware and she is on win 10 and it works well no probs at all so i know all my hardware still works.

and for Facebook to discontinue support of the rifs thats just plain Greedy forcing people to by more upto date stuff.

Well i wont EVER buy another oculus as long as its owned by FB your a joke .

i Have my sons PlayStation one now and it works great so no more crap from Facebook and what they are doing it criminal. 

I hope you go bust or someone takes over that Actually Cares about its customer player base



I've said the same thing on other threads forums etc. If it was worth the time I would've gotten a class action suit going but by the time they were done holding out I'd be an old man


The oculus app don't work with win 11's written on the download page of the app.

Thjs isn't towards you but they think they are gonna lead the forefront of vr with windows 10? While the world keeps moving? Lmao. It's no wonder tho. They can't even update more than one platform at a time without screwing previous customers. Can't wait to watch that ship sink?

What should I say.....they seems a bit......slow?😂