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One Oculus account logged in on multiple Quest 2 headsets

Level 3

Let's say I have 30 Meta Quest 2 headsets for my school's 30 students.

Can I use one single Oculus account (aka the school's FB & Oculus account) to log in on these 30 headsets? And the 30 students using these 30 headsets will have no trouble using any app installed?

We do not want to create privacy conflicts by asking 30 students to create 30 Oculus accounts with their FB accounts.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there, thanks for the question! While we love the enthusiasm of purchasing 30 headsets, they won't be able to use the same Facebook account at the same time. Simultaneous play with the same Facebook account isn't supported and will likely cause issues with any experiences on the headset. You can find an article here on some tips for using a Facebook account with a Meta Quest headset.

Thank you for the prompt reply. If let's say 30 people use DIFFERENT accounts to log in an app installed in the headset which has the SAME Oculus account logged in, will it cause issues?

Yes, doing that would cause an issue. Having one account on multiple headsets is possible, just not active at the same time. While the students would use individual log in information for the app, the primary account would still be accessing the same app at the same time, and each log in would override the last. At this point, there can be four accounts tied to each headset. One primary, and three secondary accounts. Here is a handy link breaking down Multiple accounts and app sharing on your Meta Quest 2.


As we look towards the near future, Quest for Business will fit this specific need. Here are the details!


We hope this clears everything up. If you have any more questions, let us know!

Level 2

I too have purchased many headsets for our school (50) and was told that the business model was the way to go.

Unfortunately Facebook/Oculus does not understand or does not care that a school or district can not spend double the amount for the same product and spend a monthly fee for each account. In October 2021 they announced that they are getting rid of the facebook requirement. Until then I have a cart of paperweights...