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PC connectivity stopped working

Honored Guest

I used to be able to connect my Oculus Go to my computer, and it would appear on the Windows desktop as a storage device, and I could transfer files to and from it like a flash drive.  Then one day it suddenly stopped letting me do that.  Now, the headset shows that it's charging, but other than that, nothing happens when I connect it to my PC.  I have repeatedly gone through the troubleshooting page, and the only thing I couldn't rule out was the "use the included USB cable" thing.  This strikes me as very unhelpful advice, as I don't know anyone who memorizes where all their different USB cables came from.  So I just went through every USB micro-B cable I had, and none of them worked.  I dunno -- maybe I lost the one that came with the headset.  If they would just explain what's special about their cable, I could buy a replacement.  Then at least I could rule out the possibility that it's the cable.


Little help?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey Jeremy, sorry to hear this issue is persisting. We'd like to look into it further with you! Can you please click here to submit a ticket? Thanks!

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