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PC used to run vr fine but suddenly im getting insane amounts of lag

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to start here are my specs:

Windows 11 home

AMD Ryzen 5 1600 Six-Core Processor running at 3194 Mhz

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 3GB

8GB Ram

some crappy asus motherboard


so basically ive been using my rift cv1 for about 4 years and never had ANY performance issues, every game i wanted to play would run fine on medium to high graphics settings (including Half-Life Alyx). even though i love my cv1 i think i was overdue for an upgrade so i bought a quest 2 thinking id use it as a pcvr headset through link. So i go to run pavlov and boom 1 fps if im lucky, i could barely launch the game it was so bad. so i did a bit of research and got oculus tray tool, found a few support tickets from people with low end system and tried their settings (set super sampling to 0.7) but still terrible performance. could it be my cable? ive tried all my USB ports and theres no difference. any help at all is appreciated. realistically all i want to run is Vrchat and pavlov.


Running PCVR games on Quest is a whole lot more demanding on your GPU than running the same game for Rift. For one thing, Rift is lower resolution so needs less VRAM (and if you really only have 3GB that's pretty low for Quest Link or Airlink). In addition, the rendered scene has to be converted into a video feed in real time for sending to the Quest and that's another heavy burden on the graphics card. Finally, Windows 11 still isn't entirely recommended due to Link and Airlink performance problems.