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Payment Setup Doesn't Work & Support is AWOL

Honored Guest

Dear Support Folks & Corporate Leaders,


I'm sure you are all nice Oculus employees and trying your best so please don't take this personally as it isn't so much directed at you but rather is an attempt to be a touch humorous while venting my displeasure.


When I tried to buy the Oculus from you directly the charge was blocked as suspicious by Amex. Seriously, my family spends enough money on our Amex each month that it is embarrassing to me as I grew up in a family of limited financial means; yet I can't recall the last time Amex blocked a charge. Personally, I wish they would block just about all the charges my family makes; but I digress. Hint, hint, being blocked means something is fubar with your payment system. Subsequently, I purchased the Oculus through Amazon because the payment didn't work even after Amex unblocked you.


Now the proud owner of an Oculus, I tried to spend a stupid amount of money to buy games that my kids will forget about in like a month. But like an untold number of other users, Oculus won't allow me to add a payment method. And no, it isn't a problem with any of the multiple credit cards, debit cards, or Paypal account I tried to use. Nor is it related to the multiple browsers, android phone, iPhone, and desktop computer, all of which I've tried to use. Nor does disabling AV work, nor disabling ad-blocking, nor turning off my firewall, nor does using Private Mode vs. regular. You should be seeing a pattern now with Oculus = payment problems. Maybe, just maybe, the problem is Oculus and not the plethora of users on this board complaining about the same problem.


(Better than even odds that if anybody from Oculus responds to this message that they post the standard request that I try pointless things like ask my credit card company if they have a block on my account, because, you know, I mentioned already that I tried different credit cards. Speaking of odds, they are about 99% that my wife would let me know in about a microsecond if any credit or debit cards were disabled.)


Back to my gripe... Worse still, rather than initially complain on this board, I tried to submit a support request since all the other people complaining like me are told to do that. It could theoretically be a acceptable solution to what shouldn't be a problem - seriously, what company with more than zero employees hasn't figured out how to accept payments?! (you all can ask my 13 year old if you need help; he figured out how to accept payment for Blender graphics he creates and sells) - but it only works if the support team replies to the inquiry. We are heading into a week now and nada.


I now own a modern looking brick. Soon I will have no choice but to return it and that would greatly disappoint my kids and will be a pain in the butt for me. So pretty please Oculus people, fix the payment problems. 




Frustrated User Who Isn't Really Expecting A Useful Reply Because Nobody Else Who Complains About Payment Problems Seems To Have The Problem Fixed By Oculus Support But I'm Hoping To Be An Edge Case



P.S. Maybe Facebook's earnings wouldn't have cratered if you could figure out how to take money that people are trying to give you.


Honored Guest

I have same problem !

Why is there no response from Oculus on most of these posts?

Does anyone know how to use STEAM or other service to purchase the Oculus Games ?

"Our team will contact you as quickly as possible (generally within 1 to 2 business days)."


LOL, what a joke. Oculus "customer support" still hasn't replied to the ticket I submitted and certainly they won't by now.