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Please help me ,my Facebook it's hacked by someone

Level 2

my Facebook it's hacked by someone
hacker changed my ,email、password、phone number
I can't use the official way to recover my account

I have been using the original e-mail to send letters for help
Can someone suggest me those methods that can help me?
Or the official e-mail address where you can ask for help
Or technicians can contact me directly Help me get back my account

Please help me


Level 4

Mine got hacked 3/3 2023... you cant get hold of anyone on facebook or meta regarding lost/hakced accounts. Tried everything now and finally contacted authorities. 

How can i contacted authorities?
Hope you can get your account back

Well in europe we have a law called GDPR. File a complaint to the police is one way and there is a thread on reddit for it also to call the California Attorney General's se thread ( ). I don´t think me alone going to get the account back but if there is a lot of complaints from authourities to facebook they have to do something about it.

You could try this also there is one person who was able to get his account back.

So it looks like I should try to call the police
At least prevent the account from being used for illegal activities make me responsible
Thanks for answering me
Have a good day

Tried to comply at this page perhaps that will work for you @lai.bang.yan . 

For me it looks like this! 



Thanks you , but hacker changed my email , i can't use this way...