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Port reset failed, a summary of fixes.

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Good day, 


so a week ago, I installed a new board and CPU into my case, and after that, I got a lot of issues with Oculus and the USB hub that would not work, stating "unknown USB Device, (Port Reset failed)".  When it would work, I would have a lot of shuttering issues while playing (iRacing).  In the end, the issue was not about Oculus itself, but the USB 3.0 interface. Since all my other devices are usb 2.0, it was hard to figure that out.


At first, I though I had a power issue, that Oculus would fail because my power supply would not be able to bring enough power.  It turn out that it was not the case, as a lack of power from the power supply would have a lot of bigger issues, like the PC shutting while on load (gaming), or not starting at all on startup, etc...   But if you think you have a power issue, you can try to fix it with a powered USB Hub.  Just make sure it's 3.0 compliant.


This is a list of all the things you can do to try to fix the issue.  But so you know, the one that did work for me is to add a PCIe USB 3.0 card into my PC. I did choose one with a SATA power connection to make sure it would have enough power.


Here is a list of temporary fixes that sometime works.  I do not explain them in details, you can search the Net to figure out how to do it.


  • Unplug the usb cable, then plug it again.  Try a different usb port. 
    • Note: sometimes, the PC will refuse to start the usb port if you unplug/plug too often.
  • Uninstall the USB failed port device in the Device manager, then press the "search for new devices".
  • Set the USB port to Not "Allow the computer to turn off the device to save power."
  • Change the power settings in windows to "Disable power management for USB connected Devices"
  • Change your BIOS to disable the legacy support for usb 2.0.
  • Update your USB drivers.
  • Update windows.
  • Restart your computer

As a final note, oculus does not support windows 11, so upgrading may cause more issues than fix them.