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Purchased a Gift Card but it never arrives.


In an attempt to get around the fact that i can't add a payment method, i tried purchasing a Gift Card so i could finally try out Desktop VR. I get the "Order Confirmed" mail and if i look at the tracking link, it says "delivered", but i never get the follow-up mail with the actual Gift Card in it. I was in chat with a CS rep for about an hour today and got that "Order Confirmed" mail sent to me again, but once again, the actual Gift Card never shows up. (we even tried an alternate email)

Unlike getting my Quest 3 order cancelled during Pre-Order, Meta is actually taking money out of my bank account this time. I bought a $25 card and they deducted the $25 from my account. So - CS is unable to help and it looks like my only course now is to get ahold of the bank and have them dispute the charge.

I've spent the last 3 days trying to get meta to let me add a pay option to my account and now i'm getting charged for something i never actually receive when i try a different approach. I make $60 an hour at my job have spent enough time this week dealing with this that i could have bought an additional Quest 3 if i was being paid for this headache. I'm trying to keep my cool here, but this is so incredibly frustrating i'm not sure what to do. 

So - aside from just griping - i'm going to ask for a refund on my Gift Card that i was charged for, but never received. If somehow i'm allowed to purchase apps and games for the Quest 3 while that's getting worked out, then cool - i'll shut up. If i'm still left in a situation where i can't purchase games, apps or even a Gift Card, then i'll send the thing back to Amazon and wait for the next Valve headset.


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The gift card finally arrived 2 days later with no explanation of what happened. I have no idea if this means my busted account got fixed or if just the gift card situation got sorted out. I ended up making a totally new facebook/meta/oculus account and hooked the Q3 up to that. I'm sharing my old busted account with that one so i can use the apps on it and anything new i'm buying (including with this gift card) is  going to the new account. So - no solution with my other issues, just a work around. As for this issue - the solution was to just wait a couple days.

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I had recently had my stepfather buy a Meta Quest gift card on my phone with me as the sender to my email. I haven't recieved it yet and it's been over a week. I've heard others recieving theirs in a matter of hours. I typed the correct email and info for it to coke to me and no one else. I don't want my stepfather to just have wasted his money for nothing. It also says it has been delivered too, which boggles me. 


Hey there TempVolcano, we hate to hear that you haven't gotten your gift card yet. Let's see if we can get this sorted out for you. Head over to our support page HERE and open a ticket, an agent will be more than happy to look into this for you. We ask that you open a ticket because we'll need sensitive info we don't floating around. Hope this gets resolved for you soon!

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Thanks for letting me know I should do it that way instead of this. I'm currently chatting with support atm.

So i am having a similar issue. I bought an game for a friend of mine and she says there is no email with a code or anyway to access the game i gifted her. Can someone help ?

Hey there @MfalmeHuru916, we see you are also having issues with the gift cards. We want to assist you all that we can on this matter. As of currently, the gift cards only work in the United States. If this doesn't seem to be the case, please let us know so that we can provide you detailed steps to proceed with this issue. 

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Hi again, we're wondering if you were able to resolve your issue. If not, please let us know at your earliest convenience. Thank you!

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WE have the same issue



Same thing has happened to me , I bought a £40 gift and I’ve looked into it and for some people it’s took minutes to days for the thing to be sent. This is a real injustice to the community by meta and I’ve seen messages just like yours from even 2020 so I would have thought nearly 4 years later this would be fixed 

Oh wow - it makes me think it's following along the same problem as people being unable to add a payment option. As i've looked back through posts, that's been going on for some years as well - it's just getting a little worse now that there's a new device on the market. A CS rep did their best to help me with it earlier, but it just ended up with another email sent off into the ether. 

If it's just bouncing off the bank, that's one thing, but the fact that money is getting taken out of my account now without anything in return - it's definitely not improving my mood. lol.