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Level 2

Hi I created an account through Facebook this morning. I can not remember putting a pin code when I registered. I have now gone through to links and sends an email to reset pin and when I put a new pin in there is an error with the link .please help as I would like to delete the account and start again. Is this possible. I want to purchase apps and games and it won't let me as I don't know the pin .


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there! Wrestling with the details on your account is no fun at all. We'll take a look at that with you and see what we can do to get that sorted!


To reset that PIN and attempt to sign in again, factory reset your headset. This link breaks down the whole process, in case you have any questions about it.


After you factory reset your headset, you'll be good to get signed back in with your original log-in info and set up a new PIN.