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Quest 1- Left controller battery "drains" in seconds

Level 2

I have a quest one, and i use recargeable AAs with my controllers, and nearly everytime i try to play, the left controller will **bleep** near instantly "drain" the battery in mere SECONDS making gameplay impossible. I use drain in quotes because whenever i will take out and put in the battery it shows up as perfectly full and good. for 5 seconds. then it interupts the game to tell me that my battery is low. ive gone crazy, im so fed up. I dont even want to contact support because they are ABYSMUL. i tried to get a simple strap for my controller replaced and they would take WEEKS to responds and asked for ludacrus **bleep**. I got so fed up with them i ended up buying a replacement strap on amazon. It was fairly cheap and arrived in ONE DAY, alot shorter than it took for them to just respond. Crazy. I'm hoping someone else would have an issue like this and how they got over it. I really need help bc i love playing my oculus but i can't do it if i dont have a controller to play it on. Im not sure if its the rechargeables since i know they use less voltage, but my right contoller seems to work fine with them. someone please help me.


Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

You should definitely try using non-rechargeable batteries. It's hard to determine if the issue is with your controller or with your batteries without trying a new pair and seeing if that resolves it. If it ends up happening even with the batteries replaced, you should definitely open a ticket with our Support Team because they can look into replacement options for you. 


Hope this helps!

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