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Quest 2 Link Cable: White Bar Artifacting (REVISITED)

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        I'm aware we've got a bible of a thread already dedicated to those experiencing horizontal white bars taking up a major part of their display during wired link play sessions, but it seems like oculus support has all but abandoned the issue.  Since v22-24, some customers (myself included) have been frustrated by these funky aberrations and the issue does not seem to be improving over time, leaving many of us wondering if this was even going to be addressed or if it's below patching. 

        Let me be clear; this has been an open issue since November 2020 and everybody in the thread (linked below) has been pitching support tickets. I'm not seeing any substantial response from Oculus/Meta outside of messages asking us to replace our link cables. I have, however, seen several alleged reports of users having their tickets closed prematurely and without fix. Through 2 years of posting across many users experiencing this issue and MANY link cables both official and third party undergoing the same artifacting, this solution has proven itself by our community to be inconclusive. 

        I'm going to include sources detailing how the issue presents itself and provide a link to the original source thread.
Video: (not sure why the link is so long but it's an unlisted video from a user experiencing the issue)


Posts and Threads: (post and image from a user having issues along the same description closer to post date)

Outside Sources:
(reddit thread posted April 2021 with replies as much later as feb 14 2022 stating the issue persists)

Hoping we can reach for solid communication between Meta Support and their users over this issue and I'm shocked there hasn't been more coverage on their end, as it seems to be sitting unattended in its height for the past year or more.   Please bump or reply if this affects you, both here and on the original thread if you can.  




Level 3

Same issue for me too! Has anyone resolved this or found a fix ?

Thank you

This post made on the forum fixed the issue for me. Its a bit of pain to go through and downgrade to v24 but it works. 

RE:White horizontal stripe across screen while using link 


People have also mentioned that it could be caused by modifying the "Encoding Resolution Width" in the oculus debug tool. Setting it back to the default value of "0" fixes the issue for some, I haven't got around to testing it though.

On v24 setting it to "0" causes a noticeable drop in resolution from having it set to the maximum of "4080"

will test on latest update later.

Hi there. This is completely the case for me that it is related to Encode Resolution Width (I use link cable for max quality). If I set 4000 or above then I now get this white line artifact at the bottom of my screen and sometimes Oculus Link will not even start, the screen briefly goes black, the picture "shifts" a little and then it goes back to the regular Oculus Home. If I then reduce the encode resolution width to for example 3664 then Oculus Link starts and I do not get a white bar artifact.


The weird thing is that my Quest2 was running perfectly fine at an Encode Resolution Width of 4080 for 1 week prior to when it started having issues and then this just came from nowhere.


I may return my headset for a new one to ensure it's not a hardware issue.

It Is more than likely not a hardware issue, this bug goes away completely on version 24 of the oculus software. I can set the encode resolution width to 4080 and the bandwidth to 500Mb without issue. 

I am not saying you are wrong, but it did it work fine for a week with no issues. The display also looks a little less sharp now too since I did all of the factory reset stuff, even though OculusDebugTool still says it has kept the same settings as before the reset.


EDIT - And now 4080 is working with a 500Mbit bit rate. Weird.

Level 2

Same problem here too. If Meta /Oculus cannot sort their issue out then they're not worth purchasing from in the near future. It looks to me that this is a major issue. They must know if there is a problem.  Perhaps we'll all be lucky enough, someday to have a developer who could create a decent VR headset that will not have issues. Until then, these are the people to hang on to until the next designer is found who would care more about their products, customers and software. It goes to say that Meta /Oculus don't seem to care one bit who they sell their items to. If they just close their tickets, then this proves a lot about their true colours. Having said that, shouldn't everyone who has experienced this issue go to the store where they purchased it and tell the store that there is a technical fault with the device? This maybe the only option  to take if they don't give a **bleep** with their online customer service. 

That bleep isn't a profanity by the way. The word actually links with hell 

Hi, where can I get version 24? Would be good to go back to that!

Level 4

I am also having this issue and have posted multiple times in the original thread.  I am on my second round of talking to support and always get a different person who makes me do all kinds of uninstalls and gimmicky thigs I've already tried.  Not only is this happening for me on the quest 2 but also with the quest pro, their new "super duper" headset.  They claim that they are not aware of this issue and yet multiple people have reported it.