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Quest 2 - SHOULD NOT connect to bluetooth peripherals (heaphones) while asleep

Level 3

I own a pretty decent pair of BT earbuds and sometimes, when I want a better quality audio, than those over ears speakerphones of the Quest, I use those instead...

I also hardly ever turn off the Quest off, so it is always up to date when I pick it up...


Why the hell is the quest (while asleep) first device to connect to my BT earbuds?! The first time this happened I spent hours re-pairing my buds to notebook, smartphone - thinking my earbuds were broken... I kept resetting them, putting them on / off charger - then after 1-2 hours I realized, that they were not broken - Quest 2 while sitting in the corner of the room was hogging those buds...


So my suggestion for a SW update is: DO NOT CONNECT TO NON-OCULUS BLUETOOTH PERIPHERALS WHILE ASLEEP!!! (It literally serves no purpose to do so - or make it optional... smh)


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey Adam! We loved hearing your feedback on potential updates we could implement in the future to make your experience even better!


Make sure to post all of your ideas and check out everyone else's on our Official Community Ideas Page!