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Quest 2 charges super slow

Level 2

Hello,like i said in subject,my quest 2 charges super slow no matter what cable i use or what power source i use. I plugged it in like an hour ago,and it only charged 1% of battery,yesterday it charged like normal,3 hours and it was almost full charged,but now its super slow. Is it problem with USB-C port or cables or something?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there friend! We're sorry to hear you are having issues charging your device. We know how frustrating that can be!


So we can get a clear idea of everything you've tried, we have to ask:


  • what sources have you tried?
  • are using a brick or have tried different brick chargers?
  • Are the chargers you've tried at least 10 Watt?
  • Have you used the cable and charger that came with the device?
  • Are you completely shutting the device off when you attempt to charge?

Looking forward to getting this all fixed up.