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Quest 2 controller issue when I sit down my controllers in BigScreen my avatars hands appear in face

Expert Protege

This has been happening allot recently, especially VR Chat when I go to movie worlds to watch a movie. I sit down my controllers in BigScreen VR snd VR Chat while im sitting and watching a video in VR etc my hands always end up in my face. Idk if this is a tracking problem or not only happens when I'm on SteamVR was hoping someone could help gets annoying when your trying to watch a movie hope theres a fix to this. Really dont feel like sending in my headset back again. 😞


Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Heya! Having your hands show up in your face is definitely not the ideal way to enjoy VR. While there could be some sort of tracking problem here, if it's only happening with SteamVR apps then that might not be the case. Since SteamVR isn't officially supported by Meta Quest, your best bet in that case is going to be to get in touch with support for SteamVR or the specific apps that this is happening in.


On the other hand, if your hands are showing up like this in Meta apps (as opposed to SteamVR) too, then it might be some sort of tracking thing. If that's what's happening, the first thing you'll want to check is the lighting in your playspace. You'll want to make sure you have bright, even lighting. Too bright, too dark, or really uneven lighting is probably the most common cause of tracking issues.


Let me know if any of that helps, or if you need any more help! I'll do what I can! 😁

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