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Quest 2 "Not entitled to play this game"

Honored Guest

I tried to connect to a new wifi network but no internet functionalities were working so no shop page, no account info, nothing. Then if I tried to load a game it would crash after loading. The only game that somewhat explained it was walkabout mini golf which said "Not Entitled to Play This Game, Quitting...". I have restarted the headset, disconnected the wifi and tried other networks, switched accounts on the headset, still nothing. I can't enable cloud saves because I can't access the internet so I really don't want to factory reset the headset


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey An4r4k! We're sorry to hear you're having issues with connecting your device to the internet. We know how inconvenient this issue is when you're trying to enjoy some VR gaming. We appreciate you sharing what troubleshooting steps you've tried so far. Let's see if we can get you back up and gaming with a few more steps.


Before resorting to a factory reset, we want to suggest restarting your Wi-Fi router before trying to connect again. This usually helps users having internet issues, but if you are still unable to access the internet on your device the next step would be a factory reset.


We understand you're concerned with performing a reset because you cannot access the internet to check your Cloud backup on your headset. Don't worry, you can check the last time your Cloud supported apps were backed up on a computer browser too! Just follow the steps in this support article to see which apps support Cloud Backup and the last time they were backed.


We hope you find this information helpful. If you need further assistance just let us know!

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Exactly the same issue here. Brand new Oculus Quest 2, worked for a few days, took it to a friend’s house to demo and every game just quits without warning except Walkabout Golf which at least gives some explanation. Can’t fix. So disappointed I’m tempted to just send everything back for a refund 😞