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Quest 2 right controller paired and connected but not working

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The left controller works perfectly but the right one is paired and "connected" but it won't show up on screen and nothing works except for the Oculus button, it doesn't work if i press it but if I hold it the headset will detect it and reset the view, sometimes it's after 2 seconds and up to 5 seconds after I hold it, nothing else in the controller works. 


I left the headset turned off and controller without battery overnight, after i turned both on in the morning the controller connected and it worked perfectly for about 5 seconds and stopped working again, same happened after i performed the factory reset 10 minutes after this, the controller connected and worked perfectly for about 5 seconds and started acting up again with the same issues. 

The message "right controller not connected" keeps popping up but sometimes it only shows up for half a second and immediately disappears. 


This is a video of the controller's light, it keeps blinking at erratic times, sometimes it barely flashes: 


I already tried: 

  • Replacing the batteries  
  • Unpairing and re-pairing to the headset 
  • Leaving the controller without energy overnight 
  • Turning off and on the headset 
  • Looking for a software update (no updates available) 
  • Performing a factory reset. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

We appreciate you attempting to troubleshoot prior to reaching out for help with your controller, as well for the detailed description of your doing thus far. Please, feel free to submit a support tickets so one of our lovely agents can get you closer to a possible solution.

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Did you find a fix? Because I'm having the same issue

Me to


Same issue here ,but with left controller. I also can`t pair to the app. Any fix?

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This is exactly what is going on with my right controller. I have also tried 6 things you also did. None of this is working

Hi there! We appreciate you reaching out with this information. Once you have tried all the steps above and nothing seems to work, go ahead and reach out to our Meta Store Support!


Please click here to get in contact with one of our wonderful agents through a live chat, call, or submit a ticket.

If you're the author of a thread, remember to mark a reply as the Accepted Solution to help others find answers!


I have had the same issue. I tried everything you mentioned and also enabled hand tracking to see if all the sensors were working. I was just trying to troubleshoot if it was a controller or headset issue. It did track my right hand. I don’t know if the sensors for hand tracking have anything to do with controllers but I splashed out for a new controller, it came, I paired it and it works. So the one thing I can add here is that it is a controller issue. I’m going to hang on to my old controller just in case there is a fix. Hope this helps

Ya call customer support they had to send me a new left controller. Some kinda firmware glitch . I was also 1 year outta warrenty so don't let that stop you .

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I had the same problem but with the left controller, and I figured out that you can unpair and re-pair a single controller with the headset through the Oculus mobile app. This fixed the controller issue where the controller would connect and take input, but not track at all. The steps are:


1. Go to the devices section of the Oculus app

2. Select controllers, select the controller that isn't working, click unpair controller

3. In the controllers menu, click pair new controller, and select the left or right controller that you unpaired (the one that didn't work)

4. Follow the app's instructions to pair the controller, which you hold the hamburger button and the Y button (left controller) or the Meta Quest button and the B button (right controller) for a few seconds until the controller vibrates and its light turns on.

5. Your controller should be paired and tracking properly


I hope this helps!