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Quest 2 won't cinnect to home wifi

Level 2

I suddenly can't connect my Quest 2 to my home wifi. I can connect it to other wifi with weaker signals, but not the home wifi with good signal. It just says 'Connected, no internet' when I try. I also tried reinstalling my oculus app and factory resetting my quest 2. Resetting my router didn't help.


I already tried talking to support, but I wasn't able to resolve the issue. For reference, I can also connect just fine to a Hotspot, and my phone can connect to my home wifi just fine. 


I'm glad I can connect period, but it's frustrating I can't connect to the one wifi I actually want. Anyone else experiencing this?


Level 2

yes im having this issue as well

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there! We know how important it is to have our headsets connect to Wi-Fi. We appreciate you letting us know what all you've tried so far, and we want to suggest one more thing if you haven't tried this already.


If you have a dual-band router (5ghz and 2.4ghz), please disable the dual-band feature. This may help the headset from joining another channel which can impact the Wi-Fi signal.


We hope this information helps.

How do you do this?

Hey everyone. We wanted to answer the question regarding the dual-band router real quick. Once you've accessed the settings page, look for wireless settings or “dual-band” settings. Click on whichever and click off the 5GHz band. Then try connecting to your wifi again and if all went according to plan you should be good to go!

I am having this issue and DO NOT have a dual band router 

Hey @Ryker0815! We understand how not having dual bandwidth can be a complicated issue. No worries, we can definitely help you out with this one. Please try rebooting your headset and router. Once you have done that, then disconnect other devices that are connected to your home internet for a better outcome. You can also use your mobile hotspot if you that's something you would like to do. Let us know if this helped. We hope to hear from you again. 

I have done both resetting multiple times I have Google fiber and it's only 5 ghz I have 22 devices including my televisions connected to my wifi as I don't use cable so disconnecting everything including my work laptop so my Oculus works again is a little inconvenient, or a lot so my next question is this, did you all in the last few hours do an update that would cause my device to all of a sudden stop working? 

Hiya @Ryker0815. We understand that disconnecting devices from your wifi may not be ideal. However, if there is 22 devices paired it can slow the connection between the other devices currently connected. If disconnecting your devices is something you would not want to do, you can also connect your headset to your mobile hotspot. If you continue to have issues with your internet, please download the RouteThis app and reach out to our official Meta Store Support page for further assistance. As for your device, could you elaborate more on the issue you are having? We would happy to look further into this issue with you. We hope this information helped and we look forward to hearing back from you! 


My connection has always been the same even now so my system is fine it is your equipment that is the issue how do I return for warranty. I have never had an issue until now with less devices connected than normal so why all of a sudden is it an issue I have the same upload and download as always. My hotspot isn't fast enough to run it so it's a manufacturers defect then so how do I go about returning the defective equipment for new?