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Quest 3 YouTube playback


I just got the Quest 3 yesterday and I am really disappointed. I like to watch 360 videos from YouTube and I do 360 videos as well. YouTube videos are so blurry and the Quest won't change the resolution above 1080 p

I have the Quest Pro and everything is fine because it is going up to 2160 p which is much better.

If there are no changes in the next 30 days I may return it despite other good things that these goggles offer this particular thing makes me turn away from them. I hope the developers do something about it. It is a shame the Pro is capable of playing back at 2160p and these new much-improved resolution goggles not.


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May be its the Youtube is limiting streams by maximum bitrate on self side ? Although someone here already have mentioned there is no problem with oculus pro

On the Quest 3 the VR180 video I linked below plays in low resolution with the Youtube app.  It looks great on the Quest 2, but the Quest 3 only goes up to 1080p on all they videos on that channel. I really want to be able to watch these on my Quest 3. Is there some metadata that I'm missing? I still don't understand why it looks fine on the Quest 2, but is low resolution on the Quest 3.


Good news everyone.  It looks like they might have fixed it, or almost all of it.
Tonight 2023-12-06, VR180 and 360 videos started displaying at 4k resolutions 2160s instead of the broken 1080p.  My list of previous problem video all work now.  I'm not sure who fixed it, Meta or Google, but someone did.  VR180 video on Youtube is finally better to watch on a Quest 3 than a Quest 2.

The only thing that remains broken (and wasn't really mentioned here previously) is regular screenboxed 3D videos such has those taken by the Qoocam Ego.  Those are still not displaying at full resolution matching that of the Quest 2.  I'd like to see that fixed, but there aren't as many of those around.

I was checking yesterday and noticed an 8k Timelapse I uploaded was allowing 4K but the other videos were still at 1080. I’ll recheck some today. Hopefully sorted soon. Maybe on the YouTube side. Cheers for the update. 

I'm not sure why this solution was accepted. The options for higher playback quality are there sometimes and not there other times, it seems like there's code that's attempting to automatically set a maximum resolution based on automatically detected internet speed. We'd need meta to give us the option to disable/override whatever automation they're running.

Hey there, @skyblackmeta. The reason why the comment is marked as a solutions is to guide people on how to bring up their experiences with this issue to our engineering teams. Everyone's experience may be different, and that information can help our teams better understand what the problem is so they can best determine how to resolve it. I know it's not the most ideal or immediate solution, but right now, it's the best one available to try and help resolve this issue.

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I did some recent testing and the issue isn’t solved. Most videos won’t show any resolution option higher than 720 with the YouTube VR app. Still need to use the browser version of YouTube to watch in 4K. 

Do you have a specific example of a video that doesn't work?  Is your Youtube app up to date?  It is working for me generally.  I'd like to try whatever isn't working on mine.  I have firmware v60 now.

Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Hey everyone! I wanted to let you know that I heard back from our engineering team. They let me know that the issue should now be resolved with the recent v60 update, which should now be available for everyone. If you haven't updated your headset recently, try to update it as soon as you are able to and see if you're still having the same issue. If you're still seeing this issue, let me know, and I'll relay this back to the engineering teams.

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Thanks for the response, but I have just tested it and it’s still not working. I got v60 yesterday and my Youtube App is also fully updated. I even reinstalled it once again to make sure.

You can check it easily with Air Pano who do a lot of 8k videos. When you use Youtube with the browser, you can put it up to 8k (4.320px). Inside the app you can’t go any further than 4k (2.160px). Its still a good picture but it does not look as brilliant as 8k.

I very much hope that this issue can truly be resolved soon since VR videos are an important factor for many people (esp. those who are not that fanatic about gaming) to get fascinated by the VR experience.

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