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Quest Link Stutter

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So I'm getting horrible choppiness and stuttering on my Quest 1 when I use link/air link/virtual desktop. I am POSITIVE it isn't a hardware or performance issue via my PC, since fpsVR shows I'm getting a solid 72hz almost 100% of the time. I used to be able to run with decent performance before, but this started happening within the last few months. I've tried setting oculus server and runtime things to realtime/high priority in task manager already. I'm using the official link cable as well, and it comes out okay when I test it in the app. The Quest Home runs smoothly, I just start having stuttering issues whenever I start using Oculus, even in Oculus home. 

My specs are -

i5 9400f turbo boosted to 4.1ghz

RTX 3060ti

G.Skill 20gb DDR4 3200mhz

WD Black sn750 nvme ssd


Thanks in advance.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there, @ev.weave! We're sorry to hear you're having this experience when connecting to your PC. We know this can be concerning, especially when your specs meet the compatibility requirements. We want to do everything we can to get to the bottom of this stuttering issue with you.


In order for us to assist you best, we'd like to ask that you gather your logs and submit them in a support ticket here. If you need the steps to collect your logs, you can find them in this support article. Along with your logs, please include the details of your issue as well as any troubleshooting steps you've tried so far. One of our agents will be glad to look into this further with you.

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I still haven’t heard anything back from y’all, but I sent the logs in an email 

Hi @ev.weave. Thank you for letting us know! Your support person has replied to your logs already and is awaiting your response. We went ahead and made a note to inform your agent that he should email you again in case of a delivery error.


Watch your email and make sure to check your spam and/or junk folders! 

If you're the author of a thread, remember to mark a reply as the Accepted Solution to help others find answers!


I've been mostly playing After The Fall PCVR (Link cable). I believe I am seeing what the "stutters" are.


I am not special. You can probably reproduce these in your lab without needing a bunch of log files from users.

Intel i7-7700K, 32GB RAM - nVidia GTX 1070 Amp Edition 8GB GDDR5. Link Cable.