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Quest Pro Controller Tracking Issues and Fix

Expert Protege

I had a tracking issue with quest pro's controllers. There was about 11" of offset between the real ones and the virtual display. BIG difference!

After multiple resets nothing changed. I was getting very frustrated and was about to do a factory reset. I decided to check around the internet for some suggestions.

Apparently, since the controllers have cameras for sensing, they can be sensitive to light. My home office is located in my living room which has alot of large windows. So I took the headset into a darker room, placed the controllers behind my back and when I brought them forward they resynced correctly. Time will tell if they lose tracking again.


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Hey there, @Ugindie! Making sure that your controllers are tracking the way they should is always important to fully enjoying the VR experience, and we would be happy to help you with this issue.

If you haven't already, we would be happy to provide you with this link, which provides some helpful tips about troubleshooting for the Quest Pro. We also found this thread that talks about this same issue. There may be some information there that helps. Please let us know if this is able to assist you!

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Expert Protege

direct sunlight is bad for the cameras regarding tracking AND for the hardware itself sadly, besides the sun directly visible LEDs can also confuse the slam tracking, if they are obscured by something and the cameras can only see the indirect light its not a problem anymore... would be great to have some kind of debug view where we can see what the tracking is seeing or working with.

It makes sense now. Would be nice to have a controller sensor calibration feature in the settings.


Have the same issue. Luckily it's not that sunny in winter but, as most should, my light sources are all leds and this may cause the same 30 cm vertical drop on my right controller. I hid the cameras for few secs and it did rectify but to misalign within a minute again. Frustrating.


Edit: after few hours fighting with the controllers I got them to track correctly for an hour so perhaps they just need time to adjust correctly.

are your leds dimmed? turning them up to 100% should help 🙂

Expert Protege

Im having more tracking issues today. Theres an update for the Quest Pro and im hoping it resolves some of these issues. Ill report back soon.

Running the most recent update as of this post and im still having tracking issues. I did notice the controllers will resync more quickly but that defeats the purpose if they constantly loose focus. For example I was holding the controllers in my hands, lowered my hands slightly onto the table and then the right controller jumped far left past the left controller. It continued to be out of wack until I put the controllers behind my back and then brought them forward to resync. Disappointing to say the least. 


Few weeks in and things seems to just go worse. In shooting games the reticle jumps all over the places as the controllers jitter a bit plus do not like ceiling led lights at all. I do regret purchasing these as there's no way to justify the 350 euros tag over orig controllers. 

Honored Guest

Hi, I actaully have the same issues as you guys.

I contacted Meta support and sent them a video with my drifting and hand/controller offset issue, and all they say is that they dont see any drifting or a problem in that video. I recorded, how my controllers drifted and jumped away while using the surface tool in Gravity Sketch. If i am really using Quest Pro for work purposes I cant because of these issues and Meta support dont really care for this problem.

I am using the Quest Pro as my main headset now, but also with the Quest 2 and the Pro controllers it makes no difference. It also cannot be because of light or any other conditions as in all rooms of my house the tracking is the same.  I tried resetting and also disabling the Guardian and somehow, the issue gets solved temporary. After around an hour, the offset and also drifting starts to come back.

Honored Guest

This is a huge issue for me as well and it has become unbearable. I preordered my QPro once they became available and want to love it but after a month or so I started having the issue off and on. Over the next couple of weeks it was malfunctioning more than it was working properly.


I reached out to support and returned the unit and got a replacement which is now experiencing the same issue. On top of that, these new controllers started showing significant joystick drift after just a couple of weeks. I want to love the headset so bad but these controller issues make it impossible to do the work I need to. Hopefully they get this resolved soon

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