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Question regarding Horizon Workrooms

Level 2

Hello Good Morning , I have a few question regarding Horizon Workrooms . First of all , I wanted to know if it is possible to Host A workroom and have others join by only using their phone (Using Oculus Quest VR headset) . I try to send link and I always get reply "This browser is not supported and please download google chrome" . I tried download google chrome and copy paste the link and still get the same responses. I already know how to connect from PC user to PC user . I am really confuse right now can people join VR from only using their phone and headset.

I tried using Oculus App. I try hosting an event from Phone to Phone. I added other user as friend and invite them to event. It is going smoothly , Each user able to connect to workrooms smoothly until i cannot found the Meeting Room in each user, is there any way to make this work.


Thank you , your answer will be really appreciated.



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey hey! No fear, we hear you about adding friends to Horizon Workrooms! So that you can have a better insight please head on over to our support site here: to learn more about how to invite friends to a workroom in Horizon Workrooms. Happy gaming!