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RMA was received by Oculus. They won't send it back to me.

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I have been in contact with Oculus for the better part of 4 months, and have gotten nowhere with my issue.


This all started when I contacted them about display issues with my Quest 2. While using a link cable, a white bar appears at the bottom of the display which makes the headset unusable. After doing some research of my own, I found a thread on these forums from 2020 explaining the same issue I am experiencing. This thread is now up to 68 pages of replies from others with the same display issue, yet there has been no official fix released by Oculus. In fact, when speaking with customer support, I was told that it was not considered a "known issue", even after I showed them the thread.


I spoke with customer support through both live chat and email, going through every single troubleshooting tip you can imagine. Everything ranging from factory resets on the headset itself, to updating every single driver on my pc multiple times over. Nothing solved the issue.


So, I was finally given a return label in order send the headset back for a replacement. I was apprehensive, as based on my own research, it does not seem to be a hardware issue, but rather a software one pertaining to the latest versions of the Oculus app. But, I eventually obliged, and sent the headset back on 3/31/22.


My tracking states that the package was received and signed for on 4/5/22. I was told multiple times that an update on returns will take between 2-3 business days. It has been well past that amount of time, so I have contacted support again. I have been told that they see that my package was indeed received, however, they have no idea where it is. I was told that the "logistics team" would be looking into it (if you look at other forum posts or Oculus's Better Business Bureau page, you'll know that whenever they say this, it means good-bye to your items). I was told that it will be another 5-7 business days for them to research.


I contacted them again, to see if there were any new updates. I was told that if I keep contacting support, my case will take longer, because it creates more tickets, therefore making their workload larger. I find this to be completely unacceptable as a response to a paying customer. At no point should I be told that it's MY fault that I haven't gotten an update because I choose to reach out asking for one.


At this point, based on my research through other forum posts and the company's BBB page, I feel like I've been robbed. It's ridiculous that you can confirm that you have my package, yet at the same time, you do not know where it is. I keep going in circles with the live chat, getting the same scripted responses over and over again. At this point, I'm at a loss. There isn't even a number I can call, and when I ask the live chat agent how I can escalate this, they tell me that it is impossible to do. This has truly been the worst customer service experience I've had with a company in my life.


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good job to expressing yourself but perhaps this is more of a Huxlee or Orwell issue and might not be wasted energy elsewhere , not to make light but i recon out there somewhere is a fitting meme template? is that sick that i would suggest you seek your help from the lowest of the low but i just suspect this bleached white forum may not be the best area to get the kind of attention you want , and please forgive me what about a wanted poster ? the crooks they are 

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PM sent.

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They're lying about the whole "creating more tickets" thing. They just merge the tickets into one. They just want you to go away. Don't go away, fight it.

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SAME! They've stolen mine for over 2 months, even though they said I'd get it back in 8-12 days.

I'm going to be Tweeting @meta #meta, @oculus #oculus every day, as well as contacting customer service daily in the chat.

I've already talked to six different customer "service" representatives.

They REFUSE to pass me on to their superiors, and apparently have no idea what the status is of my headset.

They insist they haven't lost it and that they'll just update the ticket with our latest conversation.

I'm going to be making my own post on this forum; are you aware of any other good ones that could get noticed? I like the BBB approach. Also going to look into Reddit.

Good luck with your situation!

Sadly, the only way that I got actual help was that I threatened them with legal action.

Read this:


Figure out the angle you can take, and use it. They know they'll be wasting time and money going to court for a losing case, so they will immediately take you seriously. It's sad and pathetic that you have to do this, but I promise you that will work.

Level 3

Threaten legal action. This is theft by a company. Just because they are a massive corporation, don't shy away. This is how they get away with it. Also, make it media worthy. Get your attorney to drum up media about it. Bad PR and optics hurts their bottom line. If you know anything or gain any dirt on them..use it. Passive aggressive blackmail works against these corpo scumbags.