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Referred App keeps showing Invalid Link

I'm currently having a problem on any app referral links. It keeps showing me an Invalid Link page regardless of who send me a referral link. I've already tried unlinking my Meta account out of my Facebook account and have tried using private/incognito browser to accept the referral link. Unfortunately, they still gives me Invalid Link page. 

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Been trying to use a dungeons of eternity referral for like a week now with no luck. It's always invalid or just opens app on my phone to the store homepage. Whats the deal.. why not generate a one time use code to privately send or something 


I've not heard anything from support in over 2 weeks, last I heard was that the engineers were looking into it...

i have exactly the same trouble, can someone confirm if they have customer service fixed their problem, please

I been in communication with meta support going on now fore three weeks. I am from Canada and have had this issue PLUS 

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Hi, my friend has send me a few game Referral links for 25% off but every time I click the link it says your friend has recommended the following game instead of a 25% discount. It seems it doesnt work. Is there something I'm missing? Thanks 

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I am having the exact same issue, support has not been helpful for me.

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Extremely frustrating. I have my headset since yesterday and wanted to buy a bunch of discounted games to kick off my VR experience but I also keep getting the invalid link error. I hope this can be fixed ASAP 😕 

Hi, @mmdyan! We love to hear that you and friends want to share Meta apps in the community. For success, reference how App Referrals on Meta Quest work first and then review the programs rules below:

  • Starting March 11, 2024, each app referral code can only be redeemed up to three times.
  • Users can only send a referral for the apps they already own.
  • Apps need to be of a minimum price of $10 USD or the local equivalent to qualify for referrals.
  • Senders will be able to redeem the store credit 14 days after their friend buys the app using their referral.
  • The person receiving the referral will have 7 days to purchase the App. If they choose not to buy the App immediately, they can go back to the App in the Meta Quest Store within 7 days and the Discount will be automatically applied.
  • Users can earn a maximum of $599 in store credits per year from the referral programs. This limit applies to rewards earned through both the Meta Quest Referral Program and App referrals combined.
  • Senders will not be eligible to receive the Credit if the referred App is refunded within 14 days of sending the referral to the Friend.
  • Add-ons, extensions, and in-app purchases are not eligible to the app referral program.
  • Apps pertaining to the Meta Quest+ catalog are not eligible to the app referral program.
  • Newly released apps may not be eligible for the App Referral program

Note: App referrals cannot be combined with any other offer or promotion unless otherwise expressly stated in the terms of an offer. The app referral discount cannot be applied to an app that is currently discounted, regardless of which discount is better. Are all parties in supported countries/regions and the recipient attempts purchase within 7 days?

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Hey @Fredzilla44! Thank you for taking the time to share your recent challenges with using a recent Meta Quest Store promotion. We're just dropping in to see if we are able to provide further assistance on what could be the cause of this issue with the 25% coupon referral and we would love to look into getting this resolved. With that being said, first please send us a PM so we can further work on this issue by clicking here. Next, click "Send a Message" to privately message us! Please remember, you must be signed into the community first to send us a private message. Hope to hear from you soon! Have an awesome day!

If you're the author of a thread, remember to mark a reply as the Accepted Solution to help others find answers!

i'm having the same issue with 25% referrals none are working at all, i have now talked to 6 meta support guys via support app and whatsapp and none are the wiser! i,ve had every excuse from the games that new the referral might not be working, referral must of ran out or been refunded even though its my friend thats sat next to me testing his referrals, and even on our end the price is 29.99 even tho no discount its 22... so must be applingbthe discount! and now its give us 48h to investigate.... (which is where im at) but yet above people have the same issue and 4 out of 5 of my real life friends also have the same issue, the last game i used a referal on was mudrunner , so its after then meta must have changed somthing .... may30 yhingbmaybe im not sure but i want my 25% back! or meta should store credit me every game i buy with the diffrence !

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