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Referred App keeps showing Invalid Link

I'm currently having a problem on any app referral links. It keeps showing me an Invalid Link page regardless of who send me a referral link. I've already tried unlinking my Meta account out of my Facebook account and have tried using private/incognito browser to accept the referral link. Unfortunately, they still gives me Invalid Link page. 

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Folks they are isolating my post about referral and bringing us here. Start responding to people who send out referrals say you been put in the S.O.L. group

I want to return the headset

Dude stop spamming and keep points constructive or the valid points are lost among the rants.





After spending hours trying to find the solution, I got this reply which seems to be a direct copy and paste to replies other people have received 


My name is Clovis from Meta Store Support. I hope you're doing well.


Thank you for contacting Meta Store Support. We are evaluating changes to the App referrals program. As a result, some randomly selected groups of users may periodically not be able to access App referrals.


These user groups change frequently, and if an offer is not currently available to you that is available to others, this means that offer is not being given to your group at this time. Please keep an eye out for similar options in your group in the future.


Thank you for your understanding.

We have been to turned into. " S.O.L. group" I have had 4 threads saying it's not a invalid link, it's a group of people who 

no longer can use the 25 percent off


End of the day we can no longer use links or sales. Meta my quest is broke.


I've been with meta for two months and I don't recommend it to anyone, in fact I'm thinking about selling the viewer, now I don't even have any referrals because meta has decided that way, dividing the community and not treating everyone equally

I too am having issues with the referral program. I keep getting "Invalid Link" when I paste the link into my browser. I have previously used referral links and others have used my links without issue. What is going on?

According to the "solution" above I assume I just have to wait an indeterminate time before I am released from one of these "groups" then I can go back to using referral links?

Why wasn't I informed that I was chosen to be in one of these "groups"? Will I be informed when I will be released? This is really not a good look.

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The app referral program has been down for quite some time now. When sharing a referral link from the Meta app, the link will only share the app as a recommendation and won't offer any discount. I am wanting to share games with my friend group to get them more games so they can play with me

Same here. Did You solve this problem?

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