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Region Change After Initial Setup?... (Some apps content lock)

Hi... I see that some apps are limited to region block, music ones more than most.  Wondering if Region can be changed again?.. I don't see it in the settings nor in the phone app settings either... pls help!. 

FYI: I can use 2 regions without a problem because my country is in between both "compatible": USA & Caribbean.  


Did you figure it out?


I'm also waiting to hear a reply on this problem.  I bought my Quest 2 in Texas, but setup the device in Costa Rica as I am on an extended stay here.  Now "Region" is locked and some content is blocked due to this.  

I can't find the "home location" setting, nor whatever 'route options" is either... I think it must be tied to this Region lock.


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For me it says I'm in Russia on the app what do I di

Howdy, @GulpGulp2! Thanks for letting us know the issue you're facing with your headset saying your region is in Russia. We know that something like this can be less than ideal, and we would like to help out with this. Can you please answer the following for us?


Do you have a VPN set up?

Have you uninstalled and reinstalled the app? Are you doing this for the Meta Quest mobile app?

What troubleshooting have you done?


Please let us know if you have any questions.


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Hello, @GulpGulp2 ! Just checking in to see if you are still needing assistance with region change after setup. If so, please do reach back out to us at your earliest convenience. Thank you!

If you're the author of a thread, remember to mark a reply as the Accepted Solution to help others find answers!

i Have simullar issue

Bought in Japan but live in Poland. What to  do ? any mp games conecting with US servers so im always laging. ping beteen 100-400ms . playing is imposible .

Hey @LegendOne! Just wanted to check in and see if you were still needing some help getting things settled, though I hope you've already gotten some assistance. 

If you still need some help, let me know and I'll check out some things to give a shot! 

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