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Remove uninstalled applications from library

Level 2

Please provide a mechanism to remove uninstalled apps from our library entirely.  I don't want to see them in the library at all and I don't want to have to change the filter to "Installed Apps" every single time I put on the headset.  Why is this so hard?  People have been asking for this since the product was released.




Thank you,



Level 3

The longer I own my quest the more I learn is it wasn't designed for the user it was designed for Facebook.


We're allowed to use it but we aren't supposed to feel like we control or own our hardware. It's disgusting honestly.

Level 3

I was able to eventually convince their support staff to remove an app from my account. I did have to be really pushy about it, but eventually it got done. I had to restart my device as part of the process, which caused it to go through something that looked like a firmware update, but after that, the icon was gone.


Obviously not the solution we want, but at least we know it’s possible. And if you really need the icon removed, just contact support and keep insisting that it must be removed.

Level 5

Oculus, Meta, Why are you not seeing this? This has been hugely requested from 2016 on...

Level 2

Couldn't agree more - it drives me nuts. I cannot hide a demo for a game I paid full price for. WHY?????


Result - I will never install another demo. And I'm much less likely to buy games this way. Now mostly playing through SteamVR, which is crazy on a standalone headset. It's made me wonder whether I should just get a high-spec PC-only headset.

Retired Support

Locking this thread to prevent necroposting. If you support this idea, please show your support in the Ideas thread for this. 

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