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Resolved - Quest 2 Passthrough on left eye turns black


My headset is a Quest 2 and every time I turn it on, the passthrough cameras show everything while setting up the boundary. The problem starts after starting a VR app or game. After you quit, only the right camera stays on. 

Here's a video showcasing the problem. 


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I managed to fix this by disable space sense in the settings. Whenever I launched certain games it would cause the left eye in passthrough mode to go black. I could still see menus and everything in the left eye, but I was unable to see the passthrough mode it was just black while the other eye was normal.


Really hope this helps someone as it was sort of upsetting reading all of these posts with no solution. 

Problem begins, when I adjusted settings of wall sence.


It was my first day with OQ2. Thanks for solution!

Disabling the space sense setting indeed fixed the issue for me. tnx

The solution is above. Use it!

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Having the same issue. Also, some games the left eye is they game and the right eye is in passthrough. Quest 2

It kind of gets fixed when you go to passthrough and then restart headset

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Exactly the same for me. I assume it can't be a hardware fault so hoping for an update to fix this issue.



I have the same problem after the last update. I hope they fix it as it is annoying. I was happy with the last version. We should have the option to roll back.

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Exact same issue here. Quest 2. No problem before this (on 57 update before). Immediately after 59 update, left passthrough camera is sometimes black. in-game and everything renders perfectly fine, tracking works great. Only left camera left eye black when outside of boundary. Reboot fixes it temporarily. I also use virtual desktop with passthrough at times.

Thank you, turning off space sense and a restart of the headset fixed it.