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[Resolved] - Quest Link cable connection to PCVR doesn't work after v57 update


I am sick of this happening every time the devs roll out a new update.

Oculus app updated this evening, Quest Pro headset will no longer be detected via cable connection, only wireless.

Doesn't matter if I'm opted into PTR, or opt out and uninstall the new drivers that came along with this.

If anyone manages to get themselves out of this situation lemme know how ya did it!

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I'm currently linked as I type this. The temporary Solution is to go into Developer Mode in your settings, and flip the switch to allow USB connections - usb dialogue. You may need to un-plug and re-plug in your Link Cable but it will recognize and the give you a Pop-up. Accept and connect to the Rift button. Someone else already posted this and it needs to be "tabbed as Fix" or Work-around.   The problem is not with the headset or the link. Its the oculus version on the PC is constantly getting pushed updates which we have no say in whether its updated or not. 

I have exactly the same problem and the same comments. This is beyond acceptable and I am seriously considering purchasing another VR headset to save myself the grief that comes frequently with updates

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This really is an F'nnnnn Joke - Oculus Link does not connect to PC again !!!! - What are the Meta Engineers doing - this is not the first time link updates have caused an issue - maybe they just want us to play games (bought from meta) on the headset and forget about PC VR - may be time to junk my oculus and try another "grown up" headset.

Found this - haven't tried it (yet) - is this similar to michaelw4tt5 above?


Will let u know how I get on

It's already flagged as a solution on first page of this thread.

There is also a post from @TheAntiSocializer  where he confirmed it's an software problem and the team is working on it.

So - hopefully - our headsets will be detected again soon without any workarounds.🙂

Bad news. I was made to do another update to the software and now the same problem of no link to the Oculus Quest2 headset is BACK, with no apparent fix yet. I have opened a case with Meta support Let’s see what they do??

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Only here for 1 thing - to pile on. Airlink works; direct USB does not (USB-C 3.2)

Thanks. Problem was fixed BUT the next update brought the same problem back again. 

I agree, PTC is not working anymore. Come on META, fix this now!!

Thx, problem returned after latest update and PTC fix no longer working