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Restoring apps and games after factory reset

My headset would not pair with the Oculus app on my phone or tablet, so I was forced to do a factory reset. 


The help page states this: "Performing a factory reset won't remove content you've purchased or downloaded from your account."

After the reset it is working again, but I do not know how to reinstall my content.

How can I recover my apps and games that I have purchased or downloaded? I found only two games that the store posted as purchased, Alcove Bait and Bogo. These were listed as in the cloud backup on my account web page. National Geographics VR,  Down the Rabbit Hole and many others require purchasing.


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I have the same problem, but none of my games are ‘purchased’. I think there is a pop up when you open your apps tab, but I accidentally clicked no 😭, do you already have a solution?

Hey, hey there, @qramkhelawan and @Brendasundayschool! We see that you guys are having issues with your library, we would love to help you hunt those games down! 


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Hello I'm having the same issue with locating the games I purchased and lost after I performed a factory reset