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Rift S Connection Issues

Level 2

I'm having issues with my Rift S' Connection. I was using it on my former PC which was VR ready, but close to minimum specs. Worked ok, had a few issues.

Upgraded to new PC with a 3060-ti and am having nothing but issues. I have unplugged/plugged. Fresh installed (deleting all folders) 3-4 times. Tried my SSD and HD. I have tried it with Beta build, and normal Oculus build. I've updated Nvidia drivers, and BIOS. I've tried all my USB 3.0x ports (which I updated also) and display ports. Last night I added a powered USB port, because some people have experienced success with those.


Potential Problem: I'm on windows 11, and to undo that is much too late without countless hours of backing up and transferring things. Though I've seen many people with Win 11 have no problems.



View starts to freeze/stutter, and then Display Port Disconnects.

Audio almost always disconnects as soon as a game boots up. I did have some success last night with disabling the audio in sound settings, and then reenabling. Sounds would then work in game.

Occassionally Wireless Card will stop uploading. I have full downloading speeds, but my upload becomes .1mbps and stops most internet activity.

Last night I finally got it working with ping pong game (Winning Eleven?) with no problems. Tried Sairento VR, and game worked but would immediately lose Audio. Tried Microsoft Flight Sim, and it basically crashes my pc (though I think that's typical of MSFS for all). Did iRacing and it worked for a bit, but audio would immediately go out, and after trying to reboot the audio, it would cause my whole pc to crash (happened 3 times in a row, almost the exact same sequence and timing of events).


I've scanned forums and reddits and nothing seems to deal with my issue directly. Any help or guidance is appreciated. 



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello Tsarkz. Thanks for reaching to us. We understand that you're having issues with connecting to your Rift S. You mentioned to us that you're using Windows 11. We do want to remind you that Windows 11 is still under beta. It's still not officially supported.  Thank you for all of your troubleshooting attempts. Since you've done most of the troubleshooting, please submit a Support ticket with your computer logs so that we can take a deep dive and see what's going on. Here is link on how to do so. We hope to hear from you soon!