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Rift S crashing constantly since January 2022 update

Level 3

I used to love my RIft S. Now I think Meta no longer give a **bleep** about us poor outdated VR users. 

If you look on these forums, you see so many posts about Rift S crashing with the dreaded "display port is not connected" error. I have seriously wasted so many hours of my life trying to get this headset to work properly. 

I tried rolling back the firmware to V25 which fixed issues but no longer allowed me to purchase anything from Oculus. That's fine as I would no rather support Steam and buy apps there, than give any money to this piece of **bleep** company Meta who simply make such **bleep** software and firmware updates that kill the RIft S. 

How can you get something so very very wrong like this ? I will NEVER trust Meta again with any of my money. I will NEVER support Meta with future headset purchases. This Rift-S 'no display port connection' error which is so clearly a fatal flaw in the software that they simply either 1/ don't know how to fix 2/ refuse to allocate resources to fix. 

**bleep** you very much META for being so horribly, utterly awful to your users of Rift S products. 


Level 2

And how exactly did you revert your firmware i have the same problem but I don't find anything on how to revert the firmware

I found a user that had shared a whole lot of previous versions of the firmware via his google drive. I am not on the same computer now where I have it but if you search the web, it's out there. The same guy linked oculus version from 39 back to about 15.